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Extruders'maintenance: Tooling Die

Routine Work 1. Clean the outside surfaces in regular intervals. 2. Use temperature-resistant on screws. 3. Clean centering devices and sealing surfaces and remove the burs at the flangs facings. 4. Check the connecting cables to the heating installations and the temperature sensors for ruptures. 5. Polish the extrusion channels (spray in corrosion preventive for storage). 6. When using ultrasonic cleaning bath the right standardization of the acid concentration (max. 4% of phosphoric acid) is imperative as otherwise the die steel is corroded. The same applies for the final adherence to the cleaning duration in the ultrasonic cleaning bath ( Max. 45 minutes). ⚠️ ATTENTION Use cleaning tools made of brass or copper only to avoid damaging the flange facings. Extruder maintenance and service The screw extrusion system uses daily maintenance and regular maintenance for maintenance. ● Routine maintenance is regular routine work. It does not take up equipment work

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