Extrusion Molding Technology

Extrusion molding is a method of continuously molding plastic molded articles having the same cross-sectional shape over its length such as rainwater guttering, gray colored drain water pipe, etc.
A dedicated extrusion molding machine is required for carrying out extrusion molding. In addition, dies are also required for obtaining the shape of the molded item. A die for extrusion molding is generally called an extrusion die.
There are various types of extrusion dies such as the following.

  • Straight die
  • Cross-head die
  • Flat die
  • Die for solids
  • Die for films
  • Die for pipes
  • Die for coverings

Extrusion dies are prepared from stainless steel, nickel-chromium steel, or alloy tool steel. The dies are hard-chrome plated or surface treated so as to withstand corrosion and wear.
The holder part of the die is made of a soft steel such as S50C, etc.
The shape and design of the die are very important factors determining the quality of the molded item. The processing conditions such as the speed of extrusion are also important factors.
Extrusion molding is the second most frequently used method of molding plastic molded articles next only to injection molding. Unlike injection molding, once a die is prepared, a relatively large quantity can be produced from the die. Therefore, this can be said to be a molding method that finds a lot of applications in the equipment manufacturing industry.
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