Techniques of Mold Maintenance🔧

After molding is carried out, it is necessary to carry out maintenance of the plastic injection molds such as disassembling and cleaning, etc. (maintenance and inspection work).
The "soot" constituents generated from the molding material, and the condensed gas deposits, etc. accumulate on the surface of the cavity or core and on the parting surface.
Although these constituents are still in the liquid state when the mold is still at a high temperature, but when the mold cools down they solidify, moisture content in air gets adhered because of these, eventually causing the generation of rust and corrosion of the mold.
A common method of maintenance is to disassemble the mold, cleaning each of the part by ultrasonic cleaning, or by rinsing in an organic solvent, and to remove the rusted part by polishing and then electroplating.
In the case of parts having a lot of rust, the parts are replaced, or the inserting part is corrected.
It is necessary to modify tools, jigs, and equipment in order to carry out maintenance efficiently.
Cleaning brush, disassembling tools, wooden tools, cloth jigs, buffing tools and sand paper, polishing cream, lapping material, special chop sticks, bamboo spatula, bamboo comb, air tools, crane supplementary tools, Z light, magnifying glass, etc., need to be modified.
Even the work bench needs to be modified so that the work becomes easy. Modifications are to be done about the work bench height to improve ease of carrying out the work, walking space, crane position, air gun piping, etc.
It is also useful to use a table or white board for spreading the drawings, a digital camera, and a video camera.
In order to increase the efficiency of maintenance, it is necessary to give considerations from the point of designing the mold.
Holes are provided so as to facilitate disassembly of the mold, screws for hook bolts are provided, and supplementary screw holes are provided for assembling.
The cores should have the frame block construction so that they do not come apart, and it is also effective to use a construction of fixing using keys.

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