Factors affecting the surface finish of the mold

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✔️Heat treatment technology
If the heat treatment is not good enough, it will result in uneven hardness of the steel surface or differences in the characteristics of the steel, which will cause troubles for the polishing personnel and make it difficult to polish.

✔️ Polishing Technology
Polishing technology is generally considered to affect the roughness of the mold surface, but in fact a good polishing technology is the first and the right heat treatment technology with high quality steel in order to have excellent polishing effect; on the contrary, polishing technology is not good, even if the quality of steel No matter how good the mirror effect can not be achieved.
Polishing is mainly done by hand, so human technology is still the main reason that affects the quality of polishing.

✔️ Surface condition of the workpiece
During the processing of steel, the surface may be damaged due to internal stress, heat or other reasons. Improper cutting parameters may affect the polishing effect. The hardness of the hardened thin layer is higher than the hardness of the substrate and must be removed. It is therefore best to add a coarse grinding process to provide a good basis for polishing.
The surface after EDM machining is harder to grind than the surface after machining or heat treatment. Therefore, EDM finish should be used before the EDM finish, otherwise the surface will form a hardened thin layer. If the EDM refinement criteria are not properly selected, the depth of the heat affected zone can reach a maximum of 0.4mm.

✔️ Quality of steel
High-quality steel is the prerequisite for good polishing quality. All kinds of entrained impurities and pores in the steel will affect the polishing effect. In order to achieve a good polishing effect, the workpiece must be marked with the polished surface roughness at the beginning of the machining. When a workpiece is determined to require mirror polishing, the polished steel must be selected and all have been heat-treated otherwise it is not expected. effect.

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